Friday, May 2, 2008

Review - No Control

Title: No Control
Author: Shannon K. Butcher
Publishing Date: February 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot

Lana Hancock was captured by the Swarm and tortured brutally for days. Many of her friends who were also captured died. She was the only one to survive the torment. Caleb Stone, of the Delta Force, was working undercover infiltrating the Swarm when Lana was taken. He had to stand by and witness her torture without being able to intervene. He was able to save Lana and get her away from the Swarm but he has been haunted by those events. His boss, Monroe, believes that Lana knows something and that she is still in danger. Monroe sends Caleb to see if he can discover what it is Lana is hiding and protect her.

Caleb is an awesome hero. He is super sexy with his big strong body and all he wants to do is protect and cherish Lana. He feels guilty for not being able to do more for her when she was being tortured by the swarm. He finds himself falling in love with Lana but knows that she won’t want anything to do with him.

The suspense plot was well thought out. There are lots of twists and turns without any overtly gory bits. The part that dragged for me was Lana’s lack of trust of Caleb. I think she held onto her secrets for far too long. I wish that she would have come to trust Caleb much sooner in the story. Because of her lack of trust, the story dragged slightly in the middle. The ending was kick-ass though. I am so glad that Lana was able to vindicate her terror. Let’s just say the bad guy gets what’s coming to him in the end.

I think Butcher is someone to watch for. To me, her writing style is reminiscent of Christine Feehan or even Linda Howard. No Control was not as good as her first book No Regrets, but still not a bad effort.

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