Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Review – A Passion for Him

Title: A Passion for Him
Author: Sylvia Day
Publishing Date: 2007
Genre: Historical
Rating: C
Sensuality: Hot

Let me start out by saying I was really looking forward to reading A Passion for Him. Amelia and Colin were the secondary romance in the previous book Passion for the Game. I fell in love with them from that book and couldn’t wait for them to get their Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, A Passion for Him did not live up to my expectations. I almost think it would be better to have not read Passion for the Game first.

Amelia Benbridge’s first love was Colin Mitchell, a stable boy who worked for her father. They grew up playing together when she was seven and he was ten years old. One night Colin takes a bullet meant for her and she believes him dead. Colin knows that unless he makes a new life for himself they will never be able to be together, because they are stations apart. Amelia is the daughter of a Viscount. So Colin sets off to become a spy and amass wealth and a foreign title. Then he will be able to return for Amelia and make her his wife.

First, let me start off with what I did like. I thought both Amelia and Colin were likable people. Amelia is a passionate woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants. Colin is the same in that aspect and I think that is what causes problems for this couple, too much of the same temperment. Colin is very protective and has a very capable air to him. He is good hero material.

Now, for what I had problems with. First off, the pacing of the book was to slow for me. It took me forever to really get into the story. Secondly, the story was told partly in flashbacks that were from the previous book Passion for the Game. I felt a little cheated having read those passages again, since I already read them. I wonder if I had not read the previous book would the story pacing still have felt slow. Thirdly, the prose was just too flowery and over the top for me. I don’t recall that from her previous books but it jumped out at me in this book. Having high expectations for this book, I was disappointed to say the least.

Here is what others had to say:

Dear Author


Katie(babs) said...

I was so happy that Colin and Amelia got their story but Colin wearing the mask even when they got down and dirty was too much!
But Sylvia can sure write some hot romances.

Jill D. said...

Katie, I think the whole essence of Colin keeping his identity a secret for so long was too much for me in general. I think it made the story's pacing seem slow to me. I agree with you though, Sylvia can do justice to a love scene.

Rachel said...

I've been debating as to whether or not to pick up this book. I think you just helped me to make up my mind!