Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Book Summary

Here are the books I read for the month of May. Again, I read 15 books. I seem to be developing a pattern. I was surprised to find that I read this many books this month, seeing how I was in a slump and wasn't motivated to read like I usually am. This summary doesn't reflect that at all. I am behind in my reviews, but all these reads will be reviewed.

1. Pursuit, Jennings (Romantic Suspense) Rating: B-
2. Playing Easy to Get, Cole, Kenyon, Black (Anthology) Rating: B-, D, A-
3. The Darkest Night, Showalter (Paranormal) Rating: C
4. Whitney, My Love, McNaught (Historical) Rating: B+
5. Ravyn's Flight, O'Shea (Science Fiction) Rating: B+
6. Coulter's Woman, Banks (Erotic) Rating: C
7. Get a Clue, Shavis (Contemporary) Rating: B+
8. Warswarn, Vaughan (Fantasy) Rating: B+
9. Slave to Sensation, Singh (Paranormal) Rating: B
10. A Carnal Agreement, Violet (Erotic) Rating: B-
11. Partners in Crime, Lanyon & Black (Mystery) Rating: B
12. Only With Your Love, Kleypas (Historical) Rating: B-
13. Warlord, Vaughan (Fantasy) Rating: A-
14. A Passion For Him, Day (Historical) Rating: C
15. Sweet Savage Love, Rogers (Western) Rating: B-


nath said...

Nice list :D It's surprising how mnay times we end up reading more than we thought. I can't wait for your review of Warlord :P

and wow, you're good at keeping up the reviews! I try, but fail miserably :(

Katie(babs) said...

Lost of B's! Next on my list is Pursuit to read.

Jill D. said...

Nath, I have to say I am lagging behind in my reviews because I am just not as excited about it as I was in the beginning. Sometimes I feel like all my reviews are sounding the same.

Katie, It was a month full of B books. I only had one A review :(

nath said...

LOL, it's hard right? At least, you try... I just review books that are calling to me... and no, you don't sound the same in all your reviews. by the way, B books are good too... Glad to see though that the A book was Warlord!!

Jill D. said...

Nath, Yes B books are good. I actually don't like to give A ratings out. I am stingy like that!

Christine said...

I'm so jealous. I only read three books in May. Things have been so busy for me. :( I was hoping June would be better, but its already 1/3 over and I've only read ONE book. *crying*

Jill D. said...

Christine, I know what you mean this month it is not looking good for me either. I have only read one book too. The second book I am working on and having a hard time finishing it.