Monday, June 9, 2008

Review - Warlord

Title: Warlord
Author: Elizabeth Vaughan
Publishing Date: 2007
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: A-
Sensuality: Hot

Warlord is the third and final book of The Chronicles of the Warlands Trilogy. This trilogy is about the relationship between Xylara, Queen of the Xians and Kier, Warlord of the Plains and their struggle to combine their two cultures. This trilogy should definitely be read in order and you can read my reviews on the first two books Warprize here and Warsworn here.

In Warlord, Lara is the main focus of the story and since Lara and Kier have already established their relationship, and what a loving, passionate one at that. Here Kier and Lara must separate and the romance takes a backseat. Lara must come to the Heart of the Plains before the council to face a trial to determine whether or not she is worthy as the Warprize. The custom states that Lara is to not have any contact with Kier. She will be courted by other Warlords and be allowed to chose one of them if she so desires. Of course her mind is already set on Kier, so the reader doesn’t have to worry about that.

What really stands out for me in this book is that Lara is such a wonderful heroine. That she is extremely strong as a person. She is so very courageous and brave in her own unique way. No, she can’t wield a weapon as well as the firelander’s can, but she is no less fearsome in her words and actions. I just love how she handles the rudeness of the Warrior Priests.

We see the reappearance of some of the characters from the first book. We also learn a little more about Marcus and his secrets. That was very interesting. This was a beautifully written story. I would have liked to have had Lara and Kier interact together more in this story. Other than that it was a fantastic ending to a great trilogy.

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nath said...

You know, I definitively want for of thist trilogy. I want to know what happens to Keir and Lara... and I hope that there'll be WarKing.

Wasn't this book great? LOL :) I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you did too :)

Kris said...

This is a great trilogy, I am glad that you liked it.
The last i read from her, she said that she does not plan to revisit these characters with another book.

Katie(babs) said...

HMMMM Keir!! :D

Christine said...

Thanks for the review, Jill. I love a heroine centered story and this trilogy sounds really wonderful. Are you going to read Dagger Star? I think it got mixed reviews, so I'd be curious to hear what you thought of it. LOL Look! I'm giving you an assignment! :D

Jill D. said...

Nath, I would love it Vaughan went back and revisited with Kier and Lara. I would definitely be in line for that.

Kris, Say it isn't so! I want more!

Christine, Since Dagger Star hasn't gotten the rave reviews that Warprize did I am not too anxious to start that book. I haven't made up my mind yet.