Thursday, July 3, 2008

July's Classic Challenge

The Last Hellion by Loretta Chase is July's Classic Book Challenge. A few of you might be wondering what this challenge is all about. Well, it was originally started by Jenny of Jenny's B(ook)log. Basically, it was a way to get readers to pick up the famous romance books from the past that are still talked about today. What you might refer to as a "classic". Will they stand the test of time? Jenny suggested a different book to be read each month. You can read my original post for more information.

With all the hoopla on Loretta Chase recently over her new book release, I am encouraging fellow bloggers to join me in this challenge. Ana over at The Book Smugglers has a wonderful tribute and interview with the famous Loretta Chase about her more recent work. I am curious to know if anyone is interested in reading one of her older books to see how it compares from her more recent work. Will her older book stand the test of time, or will it seem outdated? Dare I ask the question, of whether or not a bodice will be ripped? You betcha - hah!

Here is the synopsis for The Last Hellion:

She Needed to be Tamed...

She was a breathtaking firebrand, and Vere Mallory, the notorious Duke of Ainswood, had never seen anything quite like her. Although he thought he was rescuing Lydia Grenville from the clutches of a renowned wastrel he quickly discovers she is angry at his interference! Amused by the sultry hellcat's fury, Mallory vows to teach her some humility—in life and in love.

He Was Just the Man to Do It.

Lydia Grenville was fuming. She was determined to save womankind from disreputable rakes like the infamous Mallory, not succumb to his scandalous charms. She finds herself overwhelmed by the scintillating sensations he brings to her body, but when she discovers that he has bragged that he's going to tame" her, Lydia vows to fight his advances... but nothing prepares her for the surrender she finds in his arms.

I don't know about you, but that blurb sounds a little bodice-ripperish to me. I mean he - vows to teach her some humility - Yikes! She's in trouble now - finding herself overwhelmed by the scintillating sensations he brings to her body. Oh Boy, what's a girl to do?

Any takers?


Sarai said...

I really enjoyed this book. At first I had no idea it tied into LoS so to find out one of the characters from there was here and on top of that to see how the characters from LoS were getting a long was fabulous.
Great idea on the challenge

Rosario said...

Oh, no, no, that's an awful blurb! No bodices are ripped, no one is tamed, and Lydia is an amazingly competent heroine. In case you can't tell, I really liked this book :-)

Katie(babs) said...

Vere, what a funny name! I haven't read this one but I heard it is a worthy read.

Christine said...

LOL Oh my. Its good to see others claim not to judge this book by its blurb. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Jace said...

I've enjoyed this story as well. Rated it 4-stars.

Like Rosario said, no bodices are ripped and no one is tamed. ;-) Very funny verbal sparring, which Chase does so well. Both lead characters are likeable and believable.

Hope you'll enjoy the book.

Ana said...

Oh no! This blurb is idiotic! This book is awesome, Vere is friends with Dain from Lord of Scoundrels and Lydia is a fantastic heroine - in fact if anyone teaches a lesson it is her. LOL.

Here is my review:

; )

Jill D. said...

Well, I am very glad to hear that this book as a classic should stand the test of time. Too bad the blurb doesn't do it justice. I look forward to reading it and I will definitely post my thoughts on it.

Nicola O. said...

Possibly my favorite Loretta Chase, and that's saying a lot!

Read it, you won't regret it.

Rowena said...

I've only read one LC book but I'm gonna change that soon, this was a great post Jill!

Jill D. said...

Nicola, I have only read Lord of Scoundrels by her and also Lord Perfect. I didn't really care for Lord Perfect so much but I loved Lord of Scoundrels. I think this book sounds really good and I love the thought of great verbal sparring.

Rowena, What was the book you read and did you enjoy it? Want to give The Last Hellion a try with me? I know how hard it is to commit :)