Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Book Summary

Wow, I almost didn't meet my goal this month. I just barely made it with one day to spare. I think the reason was becuase of my lack of interest in what to read, but by the end of the month I felt like I had my old swagger back. Lover Enshrined and Dark Desires After Dusk, along with a reread of Mr. Perfect helped me tremendously. July looks promising too with all the great releases. I have updated my sidebar with all the books that look promising for July. So be sure to check that out.

Here are my reads for June:

1. Unlawful Contact, Clare (Romantic Suspense) Rating: A-
2. Visions of Heat, Singh (Paranormal) Rating: C-
3. Lover Enshrined, J.R. Ward (Paranormal) Rating B
4. Kushiel's Dart, Carey (Fantasy) Rating: B-
5. The Flame and the Flower, Woodiwiss (Historical) Rating: B
6. Nameless, Webb (Romantic Suspense) Rating: B+
7. Mr. Perfect, Howard (Romantic Suspense) Rating: A-
8. The Bartered Bride, Putney (Historical) Rating: B-
9. Dark Desires after Dusk, Cole (Paranormal) Rating: A
10. Secrets of Surrender, Hunter (Historical) Rating: B+
11. Unleashing the Storm, Croft (Paranormal, Erotic) Rating: C
12. Taken by the Viking, Styles (Historical) Rating: B

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nath said...

Not bad for someone that was in a slump :D you did very good and you read some great books. That has to count for something :)