Friday, July 25, 2008

The Superstars - Who are you missing out on?

I have been reading steadily for about four years now and nearly all of it romance. If I had an estimate, I would wager that I have read roughly 500 books in that time. Even though that is a lot of books, there are still some big name authors who I have yet to read. A few who come to mind are Susan Elizabeth Phillips, better known as SEP, Diana Palmer and Roberta Gellis. I just looked at Gellis's back list and she has a slew of medieval novels that I am very excited about. There is also Iris Johansen, Debbie MacComber, Jodi Thomas and Lori Foster.

Sometimes with these prolific authors who have hundreds of books in their backlist makes it a daunting challenge to figure out which book to start with. I know in the case with Diana Palmer, thumbing through her backlist almost all of the books are connected (thank goodness for fictiondb). This is were fellow bloggers and romance resources like RT and AAR come in handy. Whenever I want to try a new author, I usally head over there for recomendations.

What about you? Is there a big name author have you yet to read? Maybe it's Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, Jayne Ann Krentz or Linda Howard? Have you wanted to try these authors out, but just didn't know where to begin? Maybe we could have a jam session and help each other out with suggestions!


Amy said...

Linnea Sinclair. I consider her one of those newer bigger names, and I still haven't tried one of her books.

Jill D. said...

Oh, I forgot to list her. I haven't read her either and I have been meaning to. I think I will start with Gabriel's Ghost.

nath said...

Hmmm, I'm trying to think up of some authors and I can't think of any at the moment... I guess Diana Palmer, although I'm absolutely not interested... and perhaps Colleen Gleason.

Jill D. said...

Nath, Colleen Gleason is one I haven't read either and she won the award for the Dear Author/Smart Bitch tournament. You read one of her books first and then report back to me - hee, hee hee!