Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Review - Nameless

Title: Nameless
Author: Debra Webb
Publishing Date: February 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Hot

Vivian Grace is a rookie FBI agent on a mission to enlist the help of former FBI agent Ryan McBride. She is currently working a child kidnapping case and the kidnapper has said he will only work with McBride. Vivian has 24 hours in which to convince McBride to help the FBI with the case or the child will die. McBride was at the top of his game three years ago having never lost a child kidnapping case. Then one case went terribly wrong and the child was killed. McBride was blamed and his badge revoked. Since that fateful day McBride has been drowning his sorrows in alcohol and meaningless sex.

Ryan and Vivian make a very interesting couple. They both put up a façade to hide their true selves. Ryan does this through booze and bad language giving off an “I-don’t-give-a-shit” vibe while Vivian portrays just the opposite with her tightly controlled image. This makes for a fun interaction between the two and leaves the reader wondering how they will react to each other. McBride enjoys riddling the cool, zipped up Vivian with blatant sexual innuendos that constantly keep her off balance. Eventually they get wise to each other and realize that there is more than what is being offered on the surface. Both have a lot of baggage that they slowly uncover throughout the story. When McBride and Vivian do finally get together, boy do they sizzle!

The suspense part of the book was very well written. More than once I found myself hovering on the edge of my seat in nail-biting anticipation. The kidnapper, Devoted Fan leaves clues for each kidnapping that Ryan and Vivian have to unravel. The villain was very well developed – one of the best I have read, not only this year but in past years as well. He wasn’t just evil for the sake of being evil. There was a method to his madness the reader could almost relate to (I said almost). I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be looking into more of Debra Webb’s novels.

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nath said...

You review makes me want to read it... I avoided her first book, because I didn't think it'd be a plotline I'd enjoy... but this one... Guess I need to go to the bookstore soon :D