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Review - An Offer You Can't Refuse

Title: An Offer You Can't Refuse
Author: Jill Mansell
Publishing Date: April 2009
Genre: Woman's Fiction
Rating: B
Sensuality: Kisses

Lola and Dougie at 17 and 18 respectively were young and in love. Even though Doug was headed off to college, Lola and Doug vowed that the distance wouldn't come between them. Doug's mother never approved of Lola and seeing how close Doug and Lola were decided to throw a wrench into the mix. She offers Lola money to stop seeing Doug. Now, ten years have past after Lola did the hardest thing she ever had to do. Quite by accident she runs into Dougie and discovers she still has feelings for him. She wants to win him back, but will Dougie ever be able to forgive her?

After I read the summary for An Offer You Can't Refuse, I pretty much figured I was in for an angst riddled read. It turns out though that I was mistaken in my assumption. Lola, for one thing, is not the type of person to throw a big pity party and wallow in self misery. She is a pro-active, if not impulsive, kind of girl. When she wants something, she is determined to go after it, not unlike a tenacious dog after a bone. If she has a problem, she comes up with a scheme to solve it. Which is exactly how she handles her problems with Dougie.

I think the promotion for this book was a little confusing. Technically speaking, An Offer You Can't Refuse isn't a romance. There is romance in the book, and yes it does have a happy ever after, but the romance between Doug and Lola is not the main focus of the book. The main focus is more Lola's relationship with her friends and parents and Lola's growth as a woman throughout the story. Plus, there is the added bonus of her friends' romantic entanglements, as well.

For me being an American, I noticed a lot of British slang and British pop culture peppered throughout the story. An Offer You Can't Refuse takes place in London, present day and adds a unique flavor of life in England. All in all this was a very pleasant read with a fun cast of characters. My one complaint would have been to put more of a bigger focus on Doug and Lola's relationship. Although, I could easily see another book continuing their journey. Other than that, it was a good, solid read.

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