Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review - Spell of the Highlander

Title: Spell of the Highlander
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Publishing Date: 2005
Genre: Time Travel
Rating: A
Sensuality: Hot

Spell of the Highlander, to date, is last book in Karen Marie Moning's highlander series and it just happens to also be my favorite. Jessie St. James is a grad student studying to get her doctorate in archeology in Chicago. She has been asked to accept a package for her professor in his absence. So off she goes to sign for a package. Well, this package happens to be an antique mirror. But, it isn't just any mirror. It is an old UnSeelie relic and it has been cursed. Cian McKeltar has been trapped in this mirror for 1,133 years. Now, Jessie must help Cian keep the mirror out of Lucian Trevan's hands before Samhain in order to break the curse and set Cian free.

There are many reasons why I love this book. First, it has an approachable girly heroine, who is smart and funny. Jessie, is by no means "kick ass", but she can definitely hold it together when things take a turn for the worst. Luckily for her she has an awesome hero Cian, who is a Man with a capital M. His philosophy is if he can't take care of his woman's needs, then he can't call himself a man. He might be a man of few words, but when he does talk he really packs a punch.

This leads to my next favorite reason why I love this book; great dialogue. Cian and Jessie have a great rapport together and their relationship flows seamlessly along. This then leads to great pacing. This book is off and running right from the beginning and doesn't let up until the end. There is plenty of action and drama to keep the story moving. And the wonderful thing about it is that I am completely sucked into the story. As unbelievable as the whole premise is, somehow Ms. Moning makes it all work. This book is the ultimate escape and I love everything about it.

This is just such a great book and I don't even think I am beginning to do it justice. I think what we need here is a good quote so you can experience the book for yourselves. This scene takes place after Jessie releases Cian from the mirror and he realizes he can't use Voice on Jessie. That is a great scene in of itself, but too long, so I opted for the following scene.

God, he was arrogant. She marveled at the sheer, unmitigated cockiness of the man. Had all ninth-century men been that way?
In retrospect, it occurred to her that she should have seen it coming.
She was, after all, a fan of history, a studier of mankind, a ponderer of ancient civilizations. She knew what life had been like a thousand years ago for woman.
Men had been Men.
And women had been Property.
And somehow, she still managed to be utterly unprepared when he ducked that sexy, dark head of his and charged her.
"Oomph!" Jessi grunted, as his shoulder made contact with her stomach.
Her feet left the ground, her world tilted precariously, and the next thing she new, she was hanging upside down over his shoulder.
One of his muscle-bound arms banded her waist, pinning her to his shoulder. The other hand splayed firmly on her bottom.
She parted her lips and was just about to let loose a screech that would do a banshee proud, when his hand moved.
Possessively. Intimately. Dipping right between her legs.

How is that for a teaser to get you wanting more? Yep, that's right, you know you want to read it now!

This book was part of Nath's re-read challenge. Head on over to Nath's to view a list of other participants.


Tracy said...

I really liked all the of the books in this series. Maybe I'll re-read one of them for next month. hmmmmm. :) Good review!

Jill D. said...

This really is a fun series. I think a reread is a wonderful idea! I am glad you enjoyed the review. It was harder than I thought it would be to write it. I am hoping that I explained why it is such a fabulous book, but I was afraid I didn't do it justice.

Rowena said...

Oh goodness, this is one of my favorites of KMM's highlander books as well. Cian was just too much goodness packed in one hecka fine package! I loved the way that he was with Jessie and I loved the way that he was with both Dageus and Drustan. This book is always fun to read. Aww, reading your post made me want to whip this out and reread it. Maybe I'll switch my books around and do a reread of this soon.

Great post!

Zeek said...

heheh, I picked this one for my very first re-read challenge book in Jan. It's my absolute favorite Moning! Cian mmmmmm!

(I see a Mcnaught is up next for you- I was thinking I wanted to re-read one of hers for next month too! Great minds think alike!)

Seneca said...

I agree. Awesome book! I need to re read this one, too.

Leslie said...

Love this book! I actually re-read this one too. Cian and Adam are my two favorite heroes from this series. And what you said about Jessie is exactly why I like her so much.

Great review Jill!

Isabel said...

Mmmm, makes me want to reread the highlander series.

Jill D. said...

Rowena, Yay!! Another Cian fan. He is just so great a character.

Zeek, Awesome! Which McNaught are you thinking of re-reading? She has so many good ones to choose from.

Sounds like Spell of the Highlander may find its way next month into a bunch of TBR piles!

Zeek said...

I'm not sure ... thinking one of the older ones like Almost Heaven or Once and Always??

nath said...

Oh, I thought I commented on this review, but seems like I forgot ^_^; Oups.

I'm glad that you're still enjoying it! :) I tried this author and she's just not for me ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Zeek, I don't believe I have read Almost Heaven, but Once and Always is good.

Nath, Don't you just cringe when it's an author everybody else loves and you just don't get it? I am like that with Nalini Singh. But that's why there is so much variety. There is something for everyone.

Leontine said...

Hi Jill,
It wasn’t until your review roundup of this month that I noticed your review of Spell Of The Highlander. This is also one of my all time favorites within the highlander series...I really need to do a re-read of them all. Anyway, I read your quote and I couldn't help myself. I usually have a quote or two in each book which I add to my review and 'these made the cut for me:

Quote Spell Of The Highlander:
"He looked - she got wet,
He touched her - she melted,
He kissed her - her clothes started coming of.”

"After having wickedly erotic dreams about him, in which they had sex that would have made the author of Kama Sutra sit up and start taking notes."


Christine said...

Okay... you got me. I really, really, REALLY want to read these books now. I'm probably the only one in romancelandia who has not yet read KMM's Highlander series. What do you think?

I actually have several of them in my TBR... I think I started collecting them after I read KMM's first Fae book and I heard that some of the time travelers show up in her Fae series. Plus I there are so many fans of the Highlander series... there's got to be something good there!

Thanks for the fun review! :)