Tuesday, June 16, 2009

July Book Releases

Wow, I just went through my RT magazine to see what July releases are coming out. A few of them I already knew about but there were quite a few I didn't and Oh. My. God. are there some good ones. After highlighting all the ones that caught my eye I came up with a list of 14 books. Now that is just ridiculous! I have over 100 books sitting in my TBR (To Be Read) pile and now I want to add an additional 14 more books?! I have serious issues.


Contemporary/Part of series (book 2)/Summary info

Historical/No series/Summary Info

Historical/1st of Duet/Summary Info

Historical/Part of series (Book 1)/Summary Info

Contemporary/Part of Series (Book 3)/Summary Info

Science Fiction/Part of Series (Book 3)/Summary Info

Paranormal/Part of Series (Book 1)/Summary Info

Romantic Suspense/No Series/Summary Info


Contemporary/Part of Series (Book 2)/Summary Info

Paranormal/Part of Series (Book 3)/Summary Info

Contemporary/No series/Summary Info

Historical/Part of Series (Book 1)/Summary Info
According to an ad in RT Magazine, Kensington will be giving away the ebook, Loving a Lost Lord for FREE during the week of June 29th - July 3rd. Details are here


Romantic Suspense/No Series/Summary Info

Romantic Suspense/No Series/Summary Info


Mandi said...

So looking forward to new Loretta Chase and Meredith Duran!! Need to catch up on Patti O'Shea series too..only read the first so far.

Jill D. said...

Mandy - LOL I haven't read any of O'Shea's series, but I thought it looked good :) Yep, the Loretta Chase looks soooo good!

Randi said...

We are both looking forward to a lot of the same books. I can't wait for Susan Andersen's new one. I love the first one in the series.

Happy Reading :o)

nath said...

Patti O'Shea is one of my favorite author! Although this series is only okay so far, I'm still looking forward to this book.

My list wasn't that long this month... but I went back to take another good look at the releases...and it doubled! LOL :) and everyone knows, I sure don't need more books... but I think I'll still buy them ^_^;

Lana said...

I really enjoyed Victoria Dahl's Talk Me Down, so I'm looking forward to the sequel, too!

Wendy said...

Looking forward to the Megan Hart. I'm also curious about the new Putney.

I let my subscription to RT lapse this year - and now I'm thinking I regret it. Might have to pick it up again.....

Maija P. said...

I'm looking forward to Deeper and Loving a Lost Lord.

Pearl said...

Dahl, Foley, Mallery and Duran are on my order list too. Especially looking forward to Foley and Dahl books.
I have heard very good things about Duran, which is why it is on the list, LOL, still have to read her debut, Duke of Shadows though


Maija P. said...

Oh, and that book by Mallery sounds very interesting!

Jill D. said...

Randi - I have only read one of Andersen's and it was Baby, I'm Yours, which I absolutely loved. I don't know why I haven't read more. This one caught my eye. It sounded good.

Nath - Edge of Dawn didn't get a good review from RT, but I think I might still give it a try. Will you be doing a post on what you are looking forward to for July?

Lana - I have been hearing a lot of really great things about Dahl, so I thought I would give her a try.

Wendy - I met Megan Hart at RT and she sent me a signed copy of Deeper. I am so totally crazy about that! I've enjoyed everything she has written so far. I let my membership lapse on RT and I regretted it because it is a convenient way to see what is releasing that month at a glance. But it can definitely lead me to purchase more books than I can handle.

Maija - Loving a Lost Lord sounds so good. I happen to be a sucker for amnesia stories.

Pearl - Can you believe how long my list is? Totally insane :) I thought the Duran book was good, not the best but I will definitely give her another try.

nath said...

Hmmm, I don't follow RT reviews, so I have no idea. I'm still giving it a try no matter what. I might do a post for July releases... I don't know. I've been so busy at the lab :(