Monday, June 15, 2009

Review - Wicked

Title: Wicked
Author: Sasha White
Publishing Date: 2008
Genre: Contemporary (Erotic)
Rating: B
Sensuality: Burning

Karl Dawson, whom readers met in White's previous novels Bound and Trouble finally gets his own story in Wicked. By day he is a successful divorce attorney, too successful for his tastes. Seeing all the men and women seeking divorce leaves a bitter taste in his mouth about the permanency of relationships. He longs for the type of intimacy his friend Val and Samair (Trouble) have, as he is bored with meaningless sex. Then he meets Lara Fox, who rooms with his secretary, while she is upgrading his office's computer system. She is very different from the meek, mild mannered women he is used to dating. Lara seems to be able to spark his interest that has considerably waned.

Wicked is a fast, sexy read. Karl Dawson is a deliciously, yummy man. He is a dominant and likes to play in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. As far as the D/s relationship in this book, it is fairly light. Karl is not into pain or anything like that, he just likes to be in charge. He is quite fascinated by his attraction to Lara because she is anything but meek. Lara has a vivacious personality and does not like to depend on anyone. She is extremely independent and Karl knows that she is nothing like the woman he is used to being with. She will cause him all kinds of grief, but he can't seem to help himself. And having Lara submit to him willing is only sweeter because she is so independent.

I really enjoyed reading about Lara and Karl's relationship. I really think Ms. White had something going with Lara's introduction into Karl's lifestyle. Lara is not shy about sex, but she is not familiar with D/s lifestyle. I think that her acceptance of Karl was too quick, for all the baggage she had. I wish that Ms. White would have really delved into Lara's mind a little more, made her work through these issues with Karl. I really enjoyed what I read, but I wanted more. More interaction between Karl and Lara after they declared that they were going to be exclusive and live together. I think it would have made the book stronger.

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Tracy said...

Karl had a bit of a part in Trouble and he did interest me but I was hesitant to get this because of the D/s thing. The fact that you say it's "light" piques my interest once again. I really do like her erotic writing. Good review, thanks.

Mandi said...

Nice review..I have yet to read this author but it looks steamy:)

Jill D. said...

Tracy, One warning - there is a f/f/m scene with Karl, Lara and one of his past girls. It didn't bother me because of how Karl and Lara dealt with it. Just thought I would warn you. It's typical Sasha - hot, hot, hot!

Mandi - yep it's very steamy! Read at your own risk :) PS. thanks for stopping by!

nath said...

Sounds good. Might need to check this one out :)

Jill D. said...

Nath - read the Dear Author review, it is an opposing view, but it might be helpful.

nath said...

Nah, I'm fine with your review. I think I like your opinion better.

Anyway, there are some good sales coming up at my bookstore, so I don't mind spending the money :) I just have to find time to go and buy them!!