Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review - Trust Me

Title: Trust Me
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publication Date: 1995
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: B
Sensuality: Warm

Once again Sam Stark finds himself rejected at the alter. You think he would be used to it by now. Sam is the owner and founder of Stark Security Systems. He confines himself to logic and order and prefers to spend time with his computers rather than people and their messy emotions. He was hoping marry a woman to help him deal with the social aspects of his company. He definitely wasn't looking for something as chaotic as falling in love. Desdemona Wainwright finds herself in the awkward position of needing to give Stark the catering bill for the wedding reception. After a few weeks, Stark comes to the conclusion that he doesn't necessarily need a wife to accomplish his goals, a caterer on standby will do the same thing, without the complications of emotional attachments. So, he hires Desdemona to cater his business's social events. Stark finds himself hopelessly attracted to her and he can't seem to keep their relationship purely professional.

The first time I read Trust Me I was impressed with this entertaining story of opposites attract. Stark is introverted and logical while Desdemona is friendly and passionate. It definitely made an impression on me and remained one of those books that I repeatedly would look back and fondly remember. After reading it a second time, I started to notice a few things that didn't bother me the first time, that did bother me now.

It is an interesting conundrum because one of the things that makes the book wonderful also greatly annoys me. I really liked that Desdemona and Stark are so clearly defined by their personalities. They fit very neatly into the category of cold, logical computer nerd (right down to his pocket protector) and flighty, emotional theater supporter. But after a while the categories became to narrow and then the characters almost seemed more cliched than actual people. I got tired of hearing Desdemona use the phrase, "I am a Wainwright, we're theater people" every time she reacts to something. Stark was the same way, only it had to do with chaos and logic.

It's possible that I am just being overly picky because I really liked Trust Me. There is a large cast of supporting characters and they are all vividly and distinctly described. Desdemona surrounds herself with her family and they make up her catering staff. Stark has his two young half brothers living with him and they add to the story as well. Even Starks receptionist with her pithy greetings, and she has a different one for every morning, really adds a fun flare to the book. There are also so many little fun quotes scattered throughout the story. And I'll leave you with an example of one such scene.

He scooped Desdemona up in his arms. Her soft gasp of excitement heated the blood in his veins.
"Am I as light as a thistledown?" she asked demurely. "I've always wondered."
He considered the question carefully. "No. But you don't weigh nearly as much as a mainframe computer."

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AnimeJune said...

I've had the problem with re-reads, too.

I was a huge fan of Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series when I first read it, and one of the greatest things I liked about it was the detail and scope of the story.

Reading it again, oh yes, there's detail - soooooooo much detail. Much of it redundant. The story was still good, but it took a LOT of digging.

nath said...

Sometimes, when you first read a book, you're so absorbed because you like something so much that you don't notice the flaws.

JAK's books are a bit cliched, so I'm not surprised you feel that way a little :)