Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review - Deep Kiss of Winter

Title: "Untouchable" in the duology Deep Kiss of Winter
Author: Kresley Cole
Publication Date: October 2009
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: C+
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: Borrowed from the library

"Untouchable" is part of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. Murdoch Wroth is a Vampire who has been fighting for centuries against the Horde, rogue vampires who have killed from feeding. Murdoch has taken a vow never to take blood from a live source and has spent his immortality trying to bring down those that have. As a vampire until he meets his bride his heart doesn't beat and he has no need to breathe. His mission leads him to New Orleans where he discovers his Bride is half Valkyrie, half Ice Maiden. Murdoch has to get very creative in wooing his little Bride because Daniela cannot be touched by anyone else. Her skin literally burns. How then will Daniela and Murdoch consummate their growing passion?

"Untouchable" wasn't a bad read by any means, but compared to the other stories in this series something appeared to be missing. It was like it just didn't have that spark of magic to make it a favorite. Part of the problem was Murdoch. He was sort of an ass. He is terribly clueless about relationships and more importantly romance. Luckily for Murdoch and this book, Daniela is determined to teach him how to win his Valkyrie Bride.

Kresley Cole's signature style was evident with quick and quirky dialogue between Daniela and Murdoch. There were also a few clever and imaginative sex scenes since Murdoch and Daniela can't touch. I wondered how Cole was going to get around that issue. One interesting thing about Murdoch and Daniela's story was the timeline. Their romance overlaps the same time frame that romances from previous books took place. It's hard for me to say if this story would stand on its own or not. I am sure it could, but the comings and goings of other characters might get confusing. In summary, it was an okay addition to the series, but not my favorite.

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Hilcia said...

I agree with you Jill. It's not my favorite story in this series either. I particularly didn't understand Daniela's decision about her crown -- that didn't quite make sense to me.

Anna ♥ said...

Aww~ I do agree that while Kresley Cole still delivered a fantastically hot read, Murdoch did get on my nerves once or twice. I think he was way too indecisive, maybe. I still loved reading it though, I'm absolutely drooling for her next Immortals After Dark book. :D

Carolyn Crane said...

OH, look, a C+. I haven't read this yet, but wow, her skin burns? you have me curious - how DOES Cole get around this? I will of course read this, being the slavegirl to KC that I am, but I know this hasn't been everybody's fave. Possibly less so for you.

Gosh, that next one must come out soon!!!

Jill D. said...

Hilcia - Did you review this? If you have a link, I'll add it. Good point about the crown. I forgot about that.

Anna - It's by no means a bad read, but compared to her other books, it just wasn't up to her usual standards. At least, that's how I felt. I am still looking forward to the next one. It won't be long now!

Carolyn - Oh yeah - the sex scenes are quite inventive! Yes, I too am a HUGE fan, which might be why I am more critical of her writing. I still am looking forward to the next one!

nath said...

Personally, I was so disappointed to find out that Murdoch's story was going to be a novella :( but then, the novella was quite long, so it wasn't too bad :P

I didn't mind Murdoch, but the second half of the story?... Meh.

Jill D. said...

Nath - Well Murdoch did kind of get on my nerves. What was wrong with the second half of the story?

Leslie said...

Okay, now I don't feel so bad about not being able to finish this one. I just couldn't get into it. :(

Jill D. said...

Oh Leslie - Don't feel bad at all. There is another one coming out in February and hopefully it will entice you better than this one did.

nath said...

I felt like it was dragging, kind of anti-climatic :( Just not as exciting...