Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Title: Taking Care of Business
Author: Lauren Dane and Megan Hart
Publishing Date: April 2009
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic
Rating: B
Sensuality: Hot
Book Disclosure: I purchased this book new.

Taking Care of Business is one story with two heroines. Leah and Kathrine are two women who have been friends since they were young girls. Over the years they have gone their separate ways but have managed to maintain their friendship. They are attending a business conference. Leah has just broken up with her boyfriend and finds herself drawn to the hotel manager, who happens to be younger than her. She begins to explore new facets of her sexuality by dominating him. Katherine is a lawyer who has been having a secret affair with Dix who works at the company which she is providing legal advice. She has recently moved from the West coast to the East coast bringing her much closer to Dix. She is worried by moving closer she might push him farther away.

Both relationships get equal time on the page and blend together seamlessly. I found myself more interested in Katherine and Dix's relationship. Dix is an appealing hero in that whenever Katherine would push him, instead of withdrawing he would push back. I love it when couples work through their problems and don't run away.

I am not a big fan of women playing the dominant role in the sexual relationship, nor do I tend to like older women with younger men. It's my own personal bias. However, Leah and Brandon's relationship was a pleasant surprise. At first it was slow moving, but in the middle it heated up quite nicely.

I was hoping for more relationship building between the two women. According to the back story they had been friends forever. But they didn't have a lot of bonding going on during the story between them. Nothing really stood out about their friendship. I guess I was expecting more girl time with laughs and fun conversation, but it was notably lacking. I don't know if it was more evident because I read this right after I read Vision in White by Nora Roberts which had it in spades. Who knows? I try not to be biased, but this is my review site and I can do what I want!

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Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Love both these authors so may have to check this one out. The cover looked strangely familiar, then I realized, it's almost exactly like an Aerosmith album cover, lol. Here's the link for the cover:

Wendy said...

Exact same grade I gave it. It struck me as the perfect beach read. Sexy, fun, but it didn't change my life :) There's a sequel out now - No Reservations.

~ames~ said...

No Reservations has the two ladies going off to Vegas together, so there's some definite bonding going on there. :P

I feel the same way about older women/younger men but Leah and Brandon are just so yummy together! After reading the two books back to back, those two characters stuck with me the longest.

Jill D. said...

Roni - Too funny about the cover! I wonder if that is where they got the idea for it.

Wendy - I didn't know there was a sequel and that makes more sense, now that I think about it. Cuz, I kind of felt like things were left hanging with these relationships. Good to know.

Ames - I am really glad to hear there is a sequel. Like I told Wendy, I felt like more closure was needed for these relationships. I am anxious to read No Reservations now!