Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Book Summary

Hi Everyone! I know I have been absent lately in bloglandia. I hate to make excuses, but blogging just hasn't been a priority of late in my life. I am in the mood to read, rather than blog in the remaining spare time I have, which really isn't a lot. I have to admit that I am feeling guilty for the lack of reviews and posts.

On the positive side, I was able to read a total of twelve books this month and many of them are from my favorite authors. It was a great month of reading for me, while an exceptionally poor month for reviewing. I am really, really behind in my reviews. At this point, I have not given up hope of being able to catch up. My goal is to just break down and write all the reviews until I am caught up. Will I be able to do it? You'll have to tune in to my blog to find out, LOL!!

Books read this month:
1. Weekend Warriors, Michaels (Fiction) Rating: D
2. A Rake's Guide to Pleasure, Dahl (Historical) Rating: B
3. Pack Challenge, Laurenston (Paranormal) Rating: D
4. Burning Darkness, Rush (Paranormal) Rating: A-
5. Under the Northern Lights, Arend (Paranormal) Rating: C+
6. Notorious Pleasures, Hoyt (Historical) Rating: B+
7. A Lot Like Love, James (Contemporary) Rating: A-
8. Hunger Games, Collins (Young Adult) Rating: B+
9. Defiant, Kennedy (Medieval) Rating: B
10. Corralled, James (Contemporary) Rating: B+
11. From Dead to Worse, Harris (Urban Fantasy) Rating: C+
12. Shady Lady , Aguirre (Urban Fantasy) Rating: B+

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