Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review - Defiant

Title: Defiant
Author: Kris Kennedy
Publishing Date: April 2011
Genre: Medieval
Rating: B
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I received a free copy from the author.

Jamie Lost is on a mission to retrieve a Priest who is a very valuable figure amongst the powerful men in Medieval Europe. Jamie’s task is to find the priest before the enemies of his King do. When he finds the priest he is distracted by a woman, Eva who also appears to want the priest. When the priest is taken by the enemy, both Eva and Jamie unite their forces to get the king back.

Defiant is a very well written medieval romance novel. You can tell the author really did her research to bring this period of history to life in her novel. As I was reading the book, the forests and people of the past were very easy to envision. There is a lot of political intrigue in the book. I don't really like politics in my historical romance books. Mostly, I find it difficult to follow along, and really I would just rather get to the good stuff. You know... the romance! And if I had to have a complaint about this book, it would be that.

However, I really did enjoy this story. I liked the characters Eva and Jamie. Both characters are very intelligent, stubborn and honorable. There is a lot of sexual tension between Jamie and Eva which made the book so enjoyable. Also, the author keeps us guessing at Eva's identity. We know she is an important character, but we don't know exactly how until the end of the book. What was so interesting was that most of the book you are directed to wonder about Eva's identity when really you don't know Jamie's either. Then it is all sprung on you at the end of the story. It made for a nice surprise. Defiant is another enjoyable read by Kris Kennedy.

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