Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Faefever update!!!!


I am a HUGE fan of Karen Marie Moning’s fever series. It’s funny because when I read Darkfever (the first book of the series) I thought it was just okay. I liked Mac fine. She has a fun personality that reads really well in the first person. I didn’t, however, like Jerricho Barrons. He is one intense, scary dude and I wasn’t sure if he was the hero of this story. The premise of this series is that one story will be told over five books. The first book did not have a conclusion and left me hanging. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Was this a cheap trick?

When Bloodfever was released I snatched it up from my local library. I was skeptical, but I had a lot of faith in Moning. I started reading it and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, PEOPLE!!! It was a real zippy read. I think I finished it in about five hours. Again, I was left hanging (Aaaughh). The good news is that there is more of a relationship starting to form between Mac and Barrons. Some of my questions were answered and new ones popped up. I was so excited about the book, that I continued to think about it for several days afterwards. I was not ready to leave Mac’s world. I found myself over at Moning’s website perusing her message boards looking for clues. Apparently, clues abound in her other highlander books. I have read them but I don’t remember any of these so-called clues. I decided to reread her highlander books. Then, I wasn’t done there, no siree. I had to go back and reread Darkfever. After that, I reread Bloodfever. Now what’s a girl to do? I had read everything.

Let me tell you Moning is a genius. Faefever, the next book in the series, doesn’t release until September 30, 2008. I have NEVER, NEVER been so anxious for a book in my entire life. I am hanging on to my sanity by a thread. Never-the-less, I must persevere. I receive an email from Moning once a month with updates on her fever series. Yesterday, I received her newsletter with an exerpt from Faefever. Here is the little morsel she left us with. Enjoy! (God, she is such a tease!)

excerpt from FAEFEVER:

And the sex, God, the sex! I never knew what sex was until him. It's not soft music and candlelight, a choice, a deliberate action.

It's as involuntary as breathing and as impossible not to do. It's slammed up against a wall in a dark alley, or flat on my back on cold concrete because I can't stand one more second without him. It's on my hands and knees, dry-mouthed, heart in my throat, waiting for the moment he touches me and I'm alive again. It's punishing and purifying, velvet and violent, and it makes everything else melt away until nothing matters but getting him inside me, and I wouldn't just die for him--I'd kill for him, too.


Wendy said...

I've been enjoying this series as well - a surprise on a couple of levels. I tried a couple of KMM's Highlander books and they didn't do a darn thing for me (one I outright loathed) and normally series books that don't have defined endings annoy the crap out of me. But there's just something about this Fever series. I think part of it is the dark paranormal world and the other part is how "believable" Mac is. She's young, acts young, but isn't too-stupid-to-live.

And like you, I've found the first two books to be quick reads. Darkfever I read in one sitting while waiting for the cable guy, and Bloodfever was done in a matter of a day or two.

Oh, and KMM writes dynamite first person. That makes it an automatic sell for me.

Jill D. said...

Wendy, Oh no! Which book was it that you hated? I hope it wasn't Spell of the Highlander LOL, that one was my favorite.

Yes, Mac's first person voice is so compelling. I love it. I really like the whole mystery involving this series and how we discover clues as Mac does. It's great and I just love it. I am glad you are enjoying it too!

Wendy said...

*sigh* Here I go admitting my ignorance in public again. I loathed (I mean really despised) The Dark Highlander. Yes, I know 99.9% of readers out there think the hero is to die for - but I thought he was one-dimensional and the heroine? Dumb as a sack of blonde hair.

I "liked" The Immortal Highlander (that was Adam Black's book, right?) but it was the sort of thing that once I finished reading it all the finer details flew right out of my head. In fact, the only thing I can recall about the story is the hero's name! LOL

Jill D. said...

Oh Wendy, Don't feel bad! Too each his own, right? To me, Moning is a guilty pleasure. She gives me fun banter with the H/h, a barbaric, caveman hero and a nerdy, shy heroine. It works for me, but obviously not everybody. I am glad you like the fever series though!

Sarah said...

Holy moly! Great review. I bought the first one but hadn't gotten around to reading it. I believe I'm adding it to my list.

Jill D. said...

Hi Sarah,

I checked out your blog and noticed that you had Karen Marie Moning listed as one of your favorite authors. This fever series is hands down her best work. You may want to hold off on reading the book because she really leaves you hanging. I mean right over a cliff. I am dying for the next book. So you might be better off waiting until all the books come out. Then again, it will take another three years to complete the series. Can you wait that long?!

Christine said...

Hi Jill!
I read DARKFEVER late last year and really enjoyed it. I was hooked on the plot and adored Mac. And Barrons. I decided to wait for BLOODFEVER to come out in paperback... I also have not yet read her KMM's Highlander series and I understand some of those characters pop up in her Fever series? Anyway... perhaps I'll schedule a marathon KMM reading... immediately following a shopping spree at the bookstore! ACK!

Jill D. said...

Hi Christine! If I were you Christine, I would read the highlander books first then continue on with the Fever series. There are some very subtle clues in the highlander books. (I mean VERY SUBTLE) You might not even notice it's a clue. I enjoyed the highlander books too, but not as much as I have liked the Fever series. They are very entertaining though. Enjoy!

Christine said...

That's exactly the impression I got from other readers, and I think I even poked around on KMM's message boards once, but there were too many spoilers so I high tailed out of there. lol I am one of those readers who really really likes to read books in order... even if the cross overs are subtle. I want to catch all the details. So I will treat myself to KMM's Highlander backlist one of these days... before I continue on with the Fever series. I think I need to schedule appointments with my TBR pile! ;)

Mollie said...

I remember kind of liking Darkfever and wasn't too psyched for Bloodfever but I think this series is just going to get progressively better. Although I do love her Highlander series...she have anything coming out on that front....??!!!

Anonymous said...

To everyone,

For all of you guys wondering about the Highlander series in combination with the Fever series. I started out and read all of the Highlander series in order. When Dark Fever came out, I read the synopsis and was really not interested in the plot, but of course, jonesing for another KMM novel, I took a chance. Boy was I glad I did! Now I heard talk to the "clues", but the only clues I got from that series is now knowing the background for the Fever novels and a good idea of the characters not introduced yet. Once you have read the HL series, and you read Dark Fever, you will have a really good idea of who the Lord Master is. His description is in one of the Highlander books, but I won't say which. Those of you who have read the books, you know who I am talking about.

Jill D. said...

Christine, I went to her message boards too and that was where I got the idea to reread the highlander books. Man, some of those people have some really far out ideas on who Barrons is. They totally crack me up. I am sure you will love her highlander books. The heros are all uber sexy, macho men! Enjoy :)

Mollie, Hi! Welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, right now Moning is not writing anymore highlander books. She did say that she plans to write them again, just not in the near future. I took that to mean she will finish the Fever series first and then maybe write another highlander book afterwards. I wish she would write faster. She only publishes one book a year.

Anonymous, Yep, that is exactly the same reason I picked up Darkfever. I just wanted another Moning book to read and the subject didn't really grab me. Moning wrote it, so of course, I was going to read it. LOL.