Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Review - Demon Moon

Title: Demon Moon
Author: Meljean Brook
Publication Date: June 2007
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Hot

Demon Moon is the fourth book in Meljean Brook’s “Guardian Series.” This is Colin Ames-Beaumont and Savitri Murray’s story. Both were in the previous book, Demon Angel, and their story begins about seven months after that. Colin is a vampire who was turned over two centuries ago by nosferatu blood. He is unlike other vampires because his blood is tainted. He is also cursed by seeing Chaos in mirrors. A younger son of an Earl, he relied on his charm and good looks to be received in society and maintain his extravagant lifestyle. Savi is a human and Hugh’s “adopted” sister. She is extremely intelligent and is a genius with electronics. She created the video game “DemonSlayer” and is financially set for life. Something happened between her in Colin while they were in Caelum and since then, neither she nor Colin has been the same.

The best thing about this book was Colin and Savi and their love for each other. I just loved everything about Savi; her everlasting curiosity, her ability to forgive easily, her extreme intelligence and her loyalty towards others. Colin just absolutely worships the ground Savi walks on. He realizes how wonderful she is and it’s great to see him express to her how much he loves her. I loved his protectiveness towards her and the lengths he was willing to sacrifice to make her happy. They have a long, difficult journey to reach their “Happily Ever After” and it seems as if the odds are insurmountable, but they do make it.

Demon Moon’s story was less confusing than Demon Angel, but I still had an issue with it. I noticed that Brook’s writing starts out a bit cryptic and you feel as if you have the information, but you are missing a few key details. This leads to uncertainty of your reading comprehension and more questions. Then, as you continue reading, you realize your questions get answered. It’s sort of like starting out with the puzzle finished except with a few of the pieces missing. Then, as you continue reading, the gaps are filled in. Once I noticed this, I found myself rereading less frequently.

I really did enjoy this story and I look forward to reading Demon Night, the next book in the series.


nath said...

Demon Night is really good, so I hope you enjoy it :) I actually liked Demon Angel more than Demon Moon... I had difficulty following DM, but I don't know if it was my state of mind at that time or just the book. I probably should re-read it :)

Jennie said...

You do have to keep your brain engaged on these books, don't you? ;) But I think it's amazing how complex the world is -- and it's certainly good for re-reading. I loved Savi in this one. She's just a cool person.

Brie said...

I have been thinking about starting this series, but I keep on hearing that the books are hard to follow. I'll probably start it anyway. I'm a smart chicky, I think I can handle it.

I've also been told that Brook's books are getting better with time. I love when an author has the ability to progress in their writing. It makes each new book a treat.

Jill D. said...

Nath, I am definitely looking forward to Demon Night. There has already been lots of press on it and all of it good.

Jennie, Your right I am sure if I went back and reread it I will have noticed things I missed the first time around. I do like that the world is complex, as well as the characters. Savi was great and I am so glad that Colin appreciated and noticed how special she was. Of course, Colin is no slouch himself.

Brie, You have to read them, if only so you know what everyone is talking about. I, myself, can't stand to be left out. Even though the books have sometimes been hard to understand the characters are so deep that you can get past it.

Holly said...

Hey Jill,

I just wanted to let you know that you won a copy of Demon Night on our blog. :) You need to email Meljean Brook and give her your info so she can send it out. YAY YOU!

As for this book:

I agree that the characters are deep and the story a bit confusing, but I loved it just the same. I'm so glad you decided to read them.

Jill D. said...


Wow! I won a contest? I didn't even know there was a contest. I am thankful all the same though! I have emailed Meljean. Thanks Holly! I think it is really cool that you had Meljean guest blog on your site. She seems like such a nice down-to-earth person and is funny as all get out. I can't wait for Demon Night.