Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review - Remain Silent

Title: Remain Silent
Author: Jamie Denton
Publishing Date: November 2007
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: C
Sensuality: Warm

Remain Silent starts off quickly with a bang. Laurel Jennings is attending the funeral of her good friend and business partner Jonathan Linton; when she is arrested by LAPD’s finest and accused of his murder. Jonathan’s family is very wealthy and prominent throughout southern California making it impossible for Laurel to get a lawyer to represent her case. Her only hope is her former lover, Damon Metcalf. Guilt forced Damon to leave his law practicing days behind him after one of his star witnesses is tragically murdered. After receiving an anonymous fax of Laurel’s arrest, he leaves his cabin in Montana to come to her rescue.

Meh; that about sums up my feelings for this book. I felt that this book had great potential, but was not utilized to its fullest. Nothing about Remain Silent really stands out for me. Even though the mystery part of the book was very involved, it still only felt skin deep. There is a very intricate mystery here with many different angles. The author presents the reader with many of the secondary characters view points. Among those were the cops investigating the murder, the actual murderer and a couple other people who tie into the mystery as well. While this feature should have strengthened the book, it actually detracted from the romance. More time should have been devoted to Laurel and Damon’s relationship. After all, this is a romance. I liked Laurel and Damon. I just wish there would have been more sustenance to them. Laurel was more developed than Damon, but over all not much time was devoted to either one. This wasn’t necessarily a bad book. It just wasn’t remarkable in any aspect for me.


nath said...

I saw this book, I think. It's a tradesize paperback right?

What made you pick up this book? Just curious ;P

Jill D. said...

Nath, Yes it is a tradesize paperback and um.... I have no idea why I picked it up. I guess it was the little blurp on the back. I do like romantic suspense and I am always looking for new authors to love.