Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Smokin' Hot Book Covers

Meljean Brook is guest blogging over at The Book Binge and she brings up the question of whether or not a book’s cover influences your decision when buying a book. For me, if I like a book cover, it will definitely draw me to the book and I will be more likely to purchase it. This is usually the case if I haven't ever heard of the author before. I purchased the book Release by Jo Leigh only because of the cover. Is this shallow? I suppose from a marketing view point, it means the ad campaign is working.

Over at Smart Bitches they regularly post book covers that are really bad and then they make fun of them. Now while I do find this hilarious, I thought I would change it up. Instead of posting covers that are really bad, I will post covers I think are sexy! Here are a few covers that I like.

I think these covers are sexy without being "in your face" sexy. What do you think? What covers do you really like?


meljean brook said...

I like all of these, too.

I wish more people would post covers they really like -- I find it absolutely fascinating. Bad covers are almost like shooting fish in a barrel (fun, I'll admit -- but too easy.) But explaining why you like a cover and how it works? A winner for me.

Jill D. said...

Meljean!!!! Oh my gosh, an author visiting my little ol' blog. "We're not worthy, We're not worthy!"

As far as covers go, I like seeing part of the man. A little peak, if you will, of his body, but not all of it. LOL. I can use my imagination!

I seem to like him paired up with a woman. Then he has something to focus on, rather than just staring into the camera with a come hither look on his face.

EmJay said...

Broken and Tempted, both by Megan Hart, are two of my favorite covers. I love men's hands, especially when they're on a woman's body.

Jill D. said...

Hey Emjay,

LOL, my husband noticed the cover of Tempted in the book store the other day and asked me if I was going to get that book.

I too think men's hands are sexy too. I like it when they are touching the woman's face.