Sunday, February 24, 2008

Review - The Scottish Bride


Title: The Scottish Bride
Author: Catherine Coulter
Publishing Date: 2001
Genre: Historical
Rating: B
Sensuality: Warm

The Scottish Bride is the sixth book of the Sherbrooke series. This is the story of Tysen Sherbrooke, the youngest of the three brothers. He is a widowed vicar with three lovely, precocious children: Meggie (10), Max (9) and Leo (7). He recently has inherited the title, Baron Barthwick, and Kildrummy Castle in Scotland. He decides a trip to Scotland is in order to make sure everything is in fine order. When he arrives, he discovers that Meggie has secretly ridden along without his permission. That is just the first in a long line of escapades that shortly ensue. Not long after his arrival, he meets Mary Rose Fordyce. She is being pursued, quite persistently, by Erickson MacPhail, and is in need of protection.

First off, let me say that I highly recommend you read at least the first three books in the series before you read this one. The story will be much more enjoyable if you do, because all three couples from the first books make an appearance in this one. Catherine Coulter is one of my favorite authors. She just has a way of sucking me into the story with only a few pages. I find this series a lot of fun and very light hearted reading. It is pleasant to revisit with Ryder, Douglas and Sinjin time and again.

Mary Rose is the perfect woman for Tysen. He takes himself far too seriously. She is able to bring him laughter and joy changing his bleak demeanor. This story is almost farcical in its events. Many of the characters, such as his Tysen’s inherited housekeeper, Mrs. Mac Fardle and Mrs. Griffin are way over the top. Their actions are very far from being realistic and their dislike of the heroine borders on ludicrous.

Actually, much of the plot was far from being realistic. That was part of the charm of this story though. Many children play a vital role in this romance and they put on quite a performance. They say and do some of the cutest things. Again, I was thoroughly charmed. I liked this romance it was light hearted and silly. Both characters were enjoyable. I will continue on with the rest of the books in this series.

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