Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Summary

August was not a good month for me book wise. Too many books were big disappointments for me, Nights in Black Satin and Lyon's Gate being the two biggest. Plus, I didn't reach my reading goal of 12 books. I was shy only by one. There were a few good surprises with Bond of Blood and Hot Stuff.

1. Hot Stuff, Evanovich (Contemporary) Rating: B
2. Lawless, Palmer (Contemporary) Rating: C-
3. Lord of Midnight, Beverley (Medieval) Rating: B-
4. The Darkest Kiss, Showalter (Paranormal) Rating: C
5. Bond of Blood, Gellis (Medieval) Rating: B
6. Force of Nature, Brockmann (Romantic Suspense) Rating: B+
7. Beast, Ivory (Historical) Rating: B+
8. Nights in Black Satin, Mack (Time-Travel, Erotic) Rating: D
9. Lyon's Gate, Coulter (Historical) Rating: D
10. Into the Shadow, Dodd (Paranormal) Rating: B
11. Haunted, Armstrong (Urban Fantasy) Rating: C+


nath said...

Nice list Jill!! It's a bit lower than your monthly goal, but since you have more in some months, it's okay :) I definitively think you're going to reach your goal :)

I see you got through Haunted :) Broken and No Humans Involved are better! So don't give up on the series!

Christine said...

Last month was definitely better for you in the book satisfaction area, that's for sure. Hopefully September will be better. As far as productivity, I'm still amazed at how much you are able to read in one month while working and taking care of a young family. I think I'm a slow reader, too. . . :(

Jill D. said...

Nath, Don't worry! I am definitely not giving up. I have requested Broken from the library. So hopefully I will receive it soon.

Christine, I don't really consider myself a fast reader, but I do read a lot. I hardly watch any TV. I read on my lunch break and whenever I go anywhere, I always bring my book. Just in case I can squeeze in a few pages!

Once I was stuck in my car because it was pouring down rain and I didn't want to get out. Can you believe I didn't have my book with me? Let me tell you, I learned my lesson. I was so bored. Since then, I take a book with me where ever I go. I never know when I might have a spare moment to read!