Sunday, March 29, 2009

April New Releases!

Here are the main books that have caught my eye for the month of April. I am very excited for these releases and I can't wait to read them.

I hardly need to say anything about this one. Lisa Kleypas has been getting phenomenal reviews over her first two contempories in this series for Sugar Daddy and Blue-Eyed Devil. Now, Smooth Talking Stranger has already begun to get rave reviews in the blogosphere and I can't wait to read the next installement in the Travis family series.

Jill Mansell is a new to me author. I recieved an ARC of this book and was pleasantly surprised with it. I have a review that should post sometime this week. It is a light-hearted contemporary, but I would call it more woman's fiction than straight romance.

I read Mary Margret Daughtridge's debut novel SEALed with a Kiss last year and I absolutely loved it. It was one of my top reads from last year. So, of course I would read her follow up novel SEALed with a Promise. I love the idea that her hero, even though he is a SEAL, he is still just a man. He is flawed and doesn't get everything right 100% of the time, but he does still manage to be a hero. I can't wait for more from this author!

Let's face it. I will read anything that Megan Hart has a part in writing. That leads me to her second release of this year, which is a collaboration with her best friend and author Lauren Dane. Call me shallow, but I am not too crazy about the cover. Let's hope what's on the inside is better than on the outside!


Kristie (J) said...

There aren't many that have caught my eye in April (and good thing - I need a catch-up month) but the minute - nay - the second I can order Smooth Talking Stranger and not have to pay shipping it shall be in my cart and thank heavens Chapter usually ships in a couple of days.

nath said...

Hmmm, looks like we're not looking forward to the same books this month :)

Jill D. said...

Kristie, I am on the wait list for Smooth Talking Stranger at my library. I am lucky number 7. I was at the book store this weekend and I did briefly hold STS in my hands. I had to put it back though. I just can't justify buying it when I have like a thousand books at home waiting for me to read. Le sigh.

Nath, What are you looking forward to?

Marg said...

I am waiting for Smooth Talking Stranger too. I read the Mansell and enjoyed it as well.

nath said...

Hmmm, my list is long :) I'll probably do a post for this month, I've just been lazy so far... but quickly: Paradise Valley by Robyn Carr, The Warrior by Sharon Sala, Turn Coat by Jim Butcher, Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas, White Star by Elizabeth Vaughan, The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong, Glass Storm by Maria Snyder and Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. LOL, I think that's it! but I might have forgotten some ^_^;

Jill D. said...

Nath, I figured you were interested in the Butcher and Carr book. I for got about White Star and The Awakening. I will be curious on your thoughts on White Star.