Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review - Winterbourne

Title: Winterbourne
Author: Susan Carroll
Publishing Date: 1987
Genre: Medieval
Rating: B
Sensuality: Warm

Lady Melyssan has devised a plan to escape from King John's lecherous clutches by pretending to be wed to Lord Jaufre de Macy, better known as the Dark Knight. She sets herself up in his castle, Winterbourne while he is away in France. When he arrives home he goes along with her charade calling her bluff, wanting to see just how far she is willing go on with her deceit.

Lady Melyssan and Lord Jaufre could not be more opposite. Melyssan is sweet and innocent and believes first and foremost the best in everyone. Jaufre, on the other hand quickly jumps to the worst conclusions about everyone and is an angry, disillusioned man. He has good reason to be this way because of some terrible things that have happened in his past. Also, the current political state of affairs are pretty disheartening as well.

Winterbourne had plenty of angst and drama. I like angst but too much can be a drag. Jaufre and Melyssan were very quick to jump to the wrong conclusion and instead of talking through their problems, they just sulked and avoided them. After a while this became troublesome. Even though that bothered me, for the most part this was a very fast read. The characters were well drawn and even though Melyssan was a very sweet person, she wasn't syrupy. Jaufre was your typical medieval man, close-mouthed about his feelings and yet protective of his wife and child.

One thing that you don't see to much of today is books that scan a long period of time. Winterbourne did and it took place over several years. It read like an eighties book with the misunderstandings and the sweeping length, but it didn't come with the negatives the eighties were known for, the rape or the womanizing. Winterbourne wasn't without its problems, but it was a good solid read for me.

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Marg said...

There are only a couple of Carroll books that I haven't read, and this is one of them. I am fairly confident that I will enjoy it, when I find it!

Kristie (J) said...

Heh heh heh. I read this one YEARS ago and Tracy's review got my wanting to read it again. So I've been looking for it in the 'library' but the books in there aren't in any kind of order yet - it's going to take more then me to do it - but I just found it the other day and it's now sitting on my kitchen counter - calling me. I have a feeling it's going to start calling louder now.

nath said...

I bought this book after reading Tracy's review as well... however, this book sounds a bit more medieval than historicals and I haven't been in the mood for it :( Glad it's a solid read :)

Tracy said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the book is not without its issues but I still absolutely love it to death. Great review!

Jill D. said...

Marg, I am sure you will like it, especially if you enjoy medievals.

Kristie and Nath, Great minds think alike. I also ran out and got this one right after I read Tracy's review.

Tracy, Winterbourne was a great pick for Nath's challenge. I am always looking for good medievals. They just don't write them like they used too.