Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review - Tears of the Moon

Title: Tears of the Moon
Author: Nora Roberts
Publishing Date: 2000
Genre: Contemporary (with a small paranormal element)
Rating: B+
Sensuality: Warm
Book Disclosure: I purchased a used copy of this book.

Brenna O'Toole has been in love with Shawn Gallagher since she was a young girl. They grew up together and have always been the best of friends. Brenna decides that she is going to finally take the bull by the horns, so to speak. She tells Shawn she wants to have sex with him. She thinks that by having sex she'll be able to get him out of her system and move on with her life. She shocks the hell out of Shawn, but after he’s gotten used to the idea he begins to court Brenna himself.

Tears of the Moon is the second book in Nora Robert's Irish Trilogy. The book takes place in modern day Ireland. I have to say that this is one of Robert's better books. The characterization just blew me away. Brenna and Shawn will live in my memory long after finishing the book. Brenna is very independent with a lot of drive and fierce determination. Once she knows what she wants, she goes for it. She is not afraid to state her feelings and tell people exactly what she is thinking. Shawn is much more subtle in his actions. He is quietly content to live in the moment, stop and smell the roses. Both are very strong in their convictions, yet how they deal with people is very different. The reader will easily see how well these two compliment each other’s personalities.

The story is completely focused on the romance between Shawn and Brenna. That's not to say there isn't other stuff taking place in the book, because there is a large cast of characters. Most of them make up Shawn and Brenna's family and they play a large role in bring Shawn and Brenna together. For those readers who enjoy family relationships as well as friends to lovers theme, won't want to miss this one! If you missed my "Guess the Book" post earlier, you might want to check it out for a fun passage!

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JennyAnn said...

I am listening to this book on audio right now and it is great!
I hope you can get into the audiobooks!

Hilcia said...

Ohhh, isn't this a great book? I loved Shawn and Brenna! My favorite book in this trilogy, so glad you enjoyed it too. :)

~ames~ said...

Excellent! I'm glad you liked this one. It is definitely one I go back to again and again. Shawn's reactions to Brenna are hilarious. And when he gets a wee bit jealous, I love that!

Rowena said...

Man, I read this book years ago and adored it. I thought Brenna and Shawn were such a fantastic couple and boy do I need a reread!

Great review!

Jill D. said...

JennyAnn - I am getting some really good suggestion from AccessRomance. I am going to give audio books a try. I have to see what my library has available first and go from there.

Ames - You know I read this one because of your glowing review, right?! Yep, it's definitely a winner in my mind.

nath said...

LOL, I definitively need to re-read this book. I got a copy in English when I started collecting books in English, but I don't think I ever re-read them. This was by far the best in the trilogy. There's just something about Brenna and Shawn :)