Monday, March 1, 2010

February Book Summary

February was a really strange month for me. Within one week of applying for a new job, I was offered the job and gave my two weeks notice at my current place of employment. Today was actually my first day of work at the new job. Things are really hectic because they have farms and employees that were affected by the earthquake in Chile. Plus it is the start of the early blueberry season and it's the busiest time of the year. Needless to say I was thrown into the thick of it all. Tomorrow is going to be even busier with me traveling already and having a meeting/dinner with the Florida Blueberry Association in the evening. I have the feeling my life is going to be crazy for a while.

Even though this month was unusual for me, I was still able to read a good number of books. I came in with a total of eleven. My favorite was Only in My Arms by Jo Goodman. I can't say enough about that one. It truly is a gem of a book.

1. Truly, Madly , Webber (Paranormal) Rating: B-
2. A Matter of Class, Balogh (Historical) Rating: A
3. Whispering Rock, Carr (Contemporary) Rating: B
4. Viking in Love, Hill (Historical) Rating: C-
5. Out of the Darkness, Rush (Paranormal) Rating: B-
6. The Celtic Witch and the Sorcerer, Armstrong (Historical) Rating: C
7. Slow Heat, Shalvis (Contemporary) Rating: B
8. Only in my Arms, Goodman (Western) Rating: A
9. Pride Mates: Shifters Unbound, Ashley (Paranormal) Rating: C
10. Tortured, McIntyre (Erotic) Rating: B-
11. Dead as a Doornail, Harris (Urban Fantasy) Rating: B+


Kris said...

Nice list. Glad things are going well with the new job. Busy is better than boring. Sorry you did not liek the Pride Mates book more.

Leslie said...

Did you ever think you'd be dining with the Florida Blueberry Association? LOL Busy is good - at least you won't be bored right?

I really need to read the Balogh - everyone loves it!

Jill D. said...

Kris - yeah I had a few issues with Pride Mates. I will post the review soon.

Leslie - I think everyday will be something new, with the job. This is all good, because I lost interest in my old job and it got boring.

nath said...

Wow, you always expect the first few days of your job to be quiet... but I guess not for you!!

Good luck Jill!! I hope this job is everything you hope for! :D

Jill D. said...

Nath - Awww thanks! So far everyone is really nice, but they are all really hard workers. I feel like I need to prove myself and live up to their high standards. But I do feel very productive and my job comes with a lot of responsibility. This is a good thing, though.