Monday, April 28, 2008

Faefever Teaser #3!!!

Just in! I have received another excerpt from Karen Marie Moning through her newsletter. Enjoy!!!

"I wasn't kissing him," I said, dabbing at Barron's lapel.

He knocked my hand away. "Then why was his tongue in your mouth? Was he conducting a clinical test of your gag reflex?" He smiled, but not nicely. "How is your gag reflex, Ms. Lane? Are you a hair trigger?"

Barrons likes to use sexual innuendo to try to shut me up. I think he expects the well-raised southern belle in me to think eew and back off. Sometimes I do think eew, but I don't back off. "I'm a spitter, if that's what you're asking." I flashed him a too-sweet smile.

"Didn't look that way to me. I think you're a swallower. His tongue was halfway to China and you were still taking it."


"Implies emotional investment. The only investment I have in you, Ms. Lane, is my time and I'm expecting a big payoff. Tell me about the Sinsar Dubh."

(Note from Karen, I was going to end it there but I thought I'd give you a little more....)

I glanced at my hand. It had come away from his lapel wet. I angled it in the light. Red looks black at night. I sniffed it. It smelled like old pennies. Gee, blood. No surprise there. "Have you been in a fight? No, let me guess, you saved a wounded dog again?" That was the excuse he'd used last time.

"I had a nosebleed."

"Nosebleed, my petunia."


"Ass, Barrons. As in you are one."

"The Book, Ms. Lane."

I looked into his eyes. Something very old looked back.

Man, I soooo can not wait for this book!!


Katie(babs) said...

Sounds hot with tongues in mouths and such.

Christine said...

GAH! I have read Dark Fever, but not Blood Fever. I was waiting for it to come out in paperback. But ya know? I'm thinking I will want to read Faefever when it comes out. Grrr! What's a girl to do?

Jill D. said...

Oh Christine, you so have got to read Bloodfever. I say read it right before Faefever comes out because you are left hanging at the end of Bloodfever and the wait is killing me. Bloodfever has a bigger hook than Darkfever. Think of Darkfever as an introduction and then Bloodfever really kicks it up a notch. Moning is a genius IMO. I am practically foaming at the mouth for the continuation of this series.

Rowena said...

I need to read Bloodfever before I get this one but I really do want to read this one.

Ooh so there's an even bigger cliffhanger in BF than there was in DF?

Ohhh, I can't wait.

Jill D. said...

Rowena, Oh my Gosh! Bloodfever is a thousand times more addicting than Darkfever. Be prepared to put everything on hold for this series.