Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review - Hot Target

Title: Hot Target
Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Publishing Date: January 2005
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: A-
Sensuality: Warm

Cosmo Rictor, a US Navy SEAL of Team Sixteen, is taking a month of leave time to care for his mother after she falls and breaks both of her wrists. While on this “vacation” he contacts his former captain Tom Paoletti to see about a temporary job at Troubleshooters Inc. Tom has just the assignment for him. J. Mercedes Chadwick (Jane) is producing a very controversial WWII movie involving homosexuality. She has received several death threats the FBI is taking very seriously. The production company HeartBeat hires Troubleshooter Inc. to provide protection for Jane.

At first Jane repels Cosmo and quite frankly, I don’t blame him. She is a selfish manipulative bitch. She screws up big time at a press conference and she and Cosmo go head to head about it afterwards. I thought to myself, “Oh no! How is Brockmann going to fix this? These two are supposed to be lovers, yeah Cosmo thinks Jane is hot, but she is a total bitch. Cripes! How is this going to work?” Well, I needn’t have worried. Brockmann pulls Jane’s head out of her ass and makes everything better – much better. Jane’s abrasiveness and sarcasm turns to quirkiness and sensitivity. She becomes a charming, likable person. When they finally do get to their happy ever after, it is very touching and sweet. It’s a totally big sappy *sigh* moment.

In addition to Jane and Cosmo’s relationship there is a side story arc with Jules, his former lover Adam and Jane’s brother Robin. Robin and Adam are playing the lead roles in Jane’s production. They are both vying for Jules’s attention in a twisted love triangle. This was absolutely riveting and heartbreaking to read. Jules has appeared in previous books in this series. He is usually a funny upbeat character, but in this story we see how sad and unhappy he is with his life. Robin and Adam each have problems of their own and compound Jules’s unhappiness. This story arc is not completely wrapped up at the end of Hot Target. Not to worry, Jules gets his happy ever after later on in this series.

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Kris said...

This was very different from the rest of the books. It was an interesting change. I enjoyed this one, what till you get to Force of Nature and Troubleshooter Christmas.

Shannon said...

I, of course, loved this book. I mean, it is a Brockmann. :)

It truly is heartbreaking to read Jule's storyline. Like kris said, wait until you get to FoN. ::sigh::

Oh, did you read her dedication page? It made me bawl like a baby! Seriously! Just thinking about it makes me teary eyed. She is such a wonderful advocate for gay rights.

Jill D. said...

Kris, I am so behind in this series. I am trying to catch up!

Shannon, Oh MY God, did I read the dedication. I was in the gym on a machine (I read while I am working out) and I was sniffling trying to hold back the tears as I read it. I am sure the lady on the arc-trainer next to me thought I was nuts. I thought what she wrote was just beautiful. It was very moving and touched me deeply.

nath said...

I can't seem to get into this series. I just can't. I read this one and I enjoyed the non-principal storyline :P (not Cosmo and Jane and not Jules... the older men)... As for Jules, I think he's too good for Robin. No matter how much Robin gets better afterward.

Shannon said...

nath- Have you read any of the other books in the series? I will admit that this is not the best one to start with. With all that has come before Hot Target, you would lose a lot starting mid-series.

nath said...

I've read a couple of them and they just don't do it for me, Shannon. I actually started with the first book, Tom and Kelly, if I remember correctly... and I've read some others more, including Into the Storm and nah...Too bad for me :(

Rowena said...

I absolutely love this series and back in 2003, I was on a mission to love it right along with me, I've lost a lot of momentum where this series is concerned but I still love this series.

And Cosmo is one of my favorite Troubleshooters. I really enjoyed his story and seeing the beginnings of Robin and Jules, makes me all happy. I'm not a fan of man on man romances but SB really made this one work.

Anonymous said...

please! Sombody! where did you get this book??

Jill D. said...

Anonymous - you can get this book through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It might even be at your local library. It is a pretty popular book. It shouldn't be hard to find.