Saturday, April 26, 2008

Went Shopping Tonight!!!

I stopped at Borders tonight and picked up three books. Here is what I bought.

Another fellow blogger introduced me to this erotic romance series and it sounded pretty good. I thought I would give it a try.

A storm’s rage. A woman’s desire.

A man with the power to set them both free.

He can summon lightning at will. Emerge unscathed from the center of a tornado. Strip a woman down to her barest defenses through the sheer force of his sexuality. He’s gorgeous, dangerous, and the target of parameteorologist Haley Holmes’s latest mission. Haley has been dispatched to the Louisiana bayous to investigate the phenomenon known as Remy Begnaud–a man with a gift he never wanted: the ability to control a storm’s fury. But even a woman trained in bizarre weather phenomena has no defense against the electrifying power of the ex—Navy SEAL...a power his enemies would kill to control.

With her agency monitoring their every move, Haley’s job is to seduce Remy, gain his trust–and help him harness his extraordinary gift. But who will protect her from this voracious lover who’s introducing her to a new world of erotic thrills—a man who grows increasingly insatiable with each new weather event? Haley knows a big storm is approaching—and with it will come unexpected delights. But so, too, will the storm unleash her greatest fears: an enemy bent on destroying Remy. And her worst fear of all—falling in love with this magnificent man, then having to betray him.

This series has been so awesome I had to run out and the new release as soon as possible! Although it's about a ghost and I am somewhat sceptical, I still have complete faith in Kresley Cole. She leads and I will follow.

Bestselling author Kresley Cole continues her seductive Immortals After Dark series with this tale of a vampire shunned even by his own kind and a beautiful phantom, bound together by a passion they cannot resist.

Néomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home, scaring away trespassers -- until she encounters a ruthless immortal even more terrifying than Néomi herself.

To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own.

Yet even if Conrad can win Néomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he succumb to the dark needs seething inside him?

This book one of a new paranormal series by Gena Showalter. I read the book Catch a Mate by her and really enjoyed it. I thought I would give this series a try as well. She has back to back release of this series coming out in July and August. I like that there isn't a long wait between books. Isn't the cover sexy? The tatoo makes a nice addition to his sexy back (wiggles eyebrows).

His powers—Inhuman
His passion—Beyond immortal . . .

All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she'll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member—a man trapped in a hell of his own.

Neither can resist the instant hunger than calms their torments . . . and ignites an irresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction—and a soul-shattering test of love . . .


Christine said...

Great choices!!
I have RIDING THE STORM but still haven't gotten to it yet. I'm a big Kresley Cole fan, especially her IAD series, so I am definitely buying this next week, too! I am also psyched for Gena Showalter's new series. I even bought the ebook short DARKEST FIRE that is a prequel to this series. I LOVE the covers to this series. They're beautiful and sexy. Can't wait to hear how you like all of these books! And I'll be right behind you! :)

Which will you read first? And why?

Shannon said...

haha! I love that the erotic romance has the least explicit cover. The Showalter cover? guh! There is just something about a good pair of shoulders. And a tatoo? I'm sold! (Yes, I am a victim to cover art.)

Looks like you have some great reading ahead of you!

Kris said...

Those look so good I cannot wait to read them. I am hitting the bookstore on Tuesday.

Katie(babs) said...

OMG Jill!! I finished reading the first two! Riding the storm is hot! Hot storm sexin all over the place.
And this latest by Kresley is the best in her Immortal series IMO. :D

Jill D. said...

Christine, I started Riding the Storm last night. I picked it because it was the shortest book. I will start Dark Needs at Night's Edge next.

Shannon, Funny I didn't realize that the erotic romance had the tamest cover. Now that you mention it, good point :)

Kris, Isn't book shopping fun? I find that Borders has a really nice romance selection. I have been in Books A Million and B Dalton and neither one had the Sydney Croft book. I could have bought a few more books, but I really have to curb my enthusiasm, otherwise I would end up spending way too much money.

Katie, Okay it must have been from you that I got the recommdation for the Sydney Croft books. So far I am really enjoying Riding the Storm. Yes, it is definitely steamy!

And this latest by Kresley is the best in her Immortal series IMO. :D

This is a very bold statement. So I take it that Neomi as a ghost didn't bother you. I hope I like it as much as the other books. We shall see.

Katie(babs) said...

Neomi is an awesome heroine and I loved her character. Just wait till you see what Kresley does to make this book a wonderful read. And this is after my major DNF with Wicked Deeds on a Winter Night.

nath said...

I hope you enjoy the new Kresley Cole, Jill :)

Let me know what you think of The Darkest Night :) the cover is sooo lovely :D

Sarai said...

Alright how did you know? I want all three of these I swear you read minds ;0)

Brie said...

How funny, I went shopping on Saturday and picked up Dark Needs and Darkest Night. I'm anxious to read them both.

Jill D. said...

Katie, What!? You didn't finish Wicked Deeds. Oh dear what didn't you like?

Nath, I will definitely be reviewing all of these books. Call me kookie, but I just think backs are sexy :)

Sarai and Brie, Hey great minds think alike! I definitely want to hear what you think when you read them.

Katie(babs) said...

I felt that hero and heroine in Wicked Deeds didn't have enough chemistry and their snapping at each other annoyed me.
And the fact the Bowie, Bowen... what's his name? Was obsessed with his first love.