Saturday, April 5, 2008

New FaeFever Excerpt!

Okay, here is the latest teaser from Karen Marie Moning in her upcoming September 30th release Faefever, the third book in her Fever series. I cannot wait for this book!!! I will have to start a countdown. September 30th cannot come soon enough.

V'lane's knuckles grazed the base of my skull where Barrons had branded me, his eyes narrowed, and he inhaled sharply. "You think to allow his mark upon your body but refuse mine?" he hissed. He closed his mouth over mine.

The great, leathery winged, demonic Unseelie Hunters are especially terrifying to sidhe-seers because they know where we live inside our heads. They instinctively know exactly where to find the small, frightened child in us all and exploit it.

The Seelie princes know where we live, too, but it's the grown woman they're after. They hunt us in our own bodies, tracking us without mercy into the darkest corners of our libido. They seduce the Madonna; they celebrate the whore. They serve our sexual needs tirelessly, gorging on our passion, amplifying it, and slamming it back at us a thousand-fold. They are masters of all our desires. They know the limits of our fantasies, take us to the edge and leave us there, hanging by shredded fingernails, above a bottomless gorge, begging for more.

V'lane's tongue touched mine. Something hot and electric jolted through my mouth. It swelled inside me, filling me. I choked on it, and orgasmed instantly, as hot and electrifying as whatever he'd just done to my tongue. Pleasure ripped through me with such exquisite precision that my bones steamed and turned to water. I would have collapsed, but he took my weight, and I was in a dreamy, surreal place for a few moments, where his laughter was black velvet and his need was as vast as the night, then I was clear and me again.


Katie(babs) said...

So, I take it this book will be more romance, unlike the other one? Great excerpt. I am such a sucker for sex excerpts or kissing. LOL

Shannon said...

I'm not sure why, but I have been avoiding this author. I think I may need to reevaulate that.

Jill D. said...

Katie, As I understand it, this series is five books with the last book book concluding the story. Faefever is the third so I hope (really hope) that there will be more romance in it. Although, no promises.

Shannon, I will tell you Moning is a guilty pleasure author, sort of like Linda Howard. She just writes really yummy heroes and she has just the right amount of sarcasm and witty banter to keep me coming back time and again. I think her Fever series is her best work. I think you either love her or hate her. It might have to do with her written "voice".