Thursday, April 3, 2008

Review - Thigh High

Title: Thigh High
Author: Christina Dodd
Publishing Date: March 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: B-
Sensuality: Hot

Jeremiah Mac, aka, Mr. McNaught, owner of Premier Central Banks, has a thief in his mist. He hates thieves and won’t abide by anyone stealing from him no matter how small the amount. Over the last several years during Mardi Gras down in New Orleans, his banks have been robbed for small, meager amounts. The local police have no leads as to the identity of the culprits. Jeremiah has his own ideas and believes that one of his bank managers Nessa Dahl is behind the robberies. He decides to take matters into his own hands and goes undercover to investigate these robberies and put a stop to it. He wants to pin the blame on Nessa. She, on the other hand, is New Orleans’s sweetheart and no one in their right mind would suspect her.

What I look forward to in a Christina Dodd novel is a nice steamy read with a good plot, a multitude of interesting characters, and witty banter between the hero and heroine with lots of sexual tension. Unfortunately, Thigh High did not live up to this expectation. First off, the story started out a little slow for me. We are introduced to a huge cast of characters, everyone from Nessa’s Aunts’ boarders, such as Dana the transvestite night club singer, along with Nessa’s co-workers at the bank and the eeevil Stephanie. Nessa is very popular within the city itself, so she knows pretty much everyone at the police department. I mean the introductions seemed to go on and on. In a way, I found some of this interesting and it did add depth to Nessa’s character, but it was a little too much and could have been scaled down some without loosing its impact.

Because of the nature of the story with Jeremiah believing Nessa to be the robber, I found his feelings toward Nessa illogical. Mainly because Jeremiah hates liars and he thinks Nessa is lying to him. More towards the end of the story, I found it hard to believe that he would love someone who he thinks is deceiving him. This is too bad, because I did believe into the fact that Jeremiah and Nessa make a good match. Nessa needs someone like Jeremiah to shake up her staid existence and vice versa.

I enjoyed Jeremiah’s character. I liked that he was a take charge kind of guy and pretty much steam rolls over anyone in his path. He is described as being a thug in a business suit. He is not a pretty man and has scars all over his body. I like that. I can’t abide by the men being prettier than the heroine. The sexual tension was well written and there is one scene in the bank vault that is HWAT! It’s sure to steam up the pages. The ending was wrapped up a little too cleanly for me. I would have liked for more grovel from Jeremiah. I thought Nessa forgave him too quickly. All in all, it wasn’t necessarily a bad book, I was just hoping for more.

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Rowena said...

Gosh I really love the look of your blog.

How funny that my cousin Jeremiah just asked me to recommend him a nice romance novel that he can read for his book report he's got to do for one of his classes..maybe I should have him read this book, haha.

Jill D. said...

Rowena, How old is your cousin? I hope this is a college class!