Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Review - Midnight Awakening

Title: Midnight Awakening
Author: Lara Adrian
Publishing Date: December 2007
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: C
Sensuality: Hot

Midnight Awakening is Tegan and Elise’s story. Elise has left her Darkhaven society and moved into an apartment on her own in a run down part of Boston. With the death of her only son, she has nothing to live for except exacting revenge on the Rogues. Her special Breedmate gift is that she can hear other humans’ thoughts. Unfortunately, it is only the negative ones she hears. This gift does allow her to track and follow minions, humans who have become Rouges’ slaves. Elise kills one such minion but ends up out after dark. She has the blood of the minion on her coat and she attracts Rogues to her. Just before she is attacked, Tegan comes to her rescue.

I was really looking forward to Tegan’s story because the two previous books have hinted at his sad and tragic past, which Lucan was somehow involved in. I figured that the reader would get some more depth with Tegan’s character since his past has helped create who he is today - a big brooding alpha male with nothing to lose. Unfortunately, Midnight Awakening did not live up to my expectations.

Tegan is pretty much a jerk to Elise throughout the whole story. He says some really cruel and cutting remarks to her. I was willing to tolerate it for a while, because of the nature of his personality, but I was also expecting to see some change too. I kept waiting for him to grow as a person, but it never came. For me, it seemed like he went from pushing Elise away to all of the sudden, loving her. I did not believe this abrupt change in him.

Out of Tegan and Elise, I thought Elise was the stronger, more courageous person. I liked that she was not afraid to let Tegan know how she felt. I wish Tegan would have had more strength in conveying his conviction about his feelings for Elise too. Elise was one of the reasons I didn’t end up giving Midnight Awakening a lower grade. The plot also kept the grade afloat. I like the direction this series is going. I think Adrian is able to keep it fresh and unique without repeating the same plot devices. I give kudos to her for that. I just wish I would have liked Tegan’s story a little better.

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Brie said...

Hi Jill, I just reread my review of MA and I honestly think I rated it too high (I was a novice back then). I didn't even like it, not really. I only liked Elise. Tegan was just; meh...

There were a lot of raves about MA when it came out, but it did nothing for me. Like you, without Elise I would have given up on it.

Jace said...

Jill, Brie...

LOL Looks like this series really didn't work for you, huh? ;)

I liked MA the most of the lot. :)

Jill D. said...

Brie, Yeah I was surprised when I read Dear Author's review. Jane (I think it was Jane) really loved it and rated it an A-. But everybody reacts differently to a story.

Jace, I think these books would work better for me if it wasn't geared as a romance, because I really have enjoyed the world building and other storylines. The romance has been the weakest part of the series for me. I don't know if I am going to read the next one. We shall see...

Rowena said...

I've been seeing this author everywhere....good review, I'm used to the hero being the stronger one but hmm, did Tegan redeem himself at all in this book?

Jill D. said...

Rowena, Tegan did redeem himself, however I didn't find his transformation very believable. I like lots of groveling at the end. I didn't get that. Oh well, that is just my take on it. Dear Author has a very different opinion of the book. You should check out her review if you are still interested in the book.