Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poll Results on Book Buying Habits

A big thank you to those of you who participated in my book buying poll that I had posted last week on my sidebar. The results are in and I think they are quite interesting. I have even made a pie chart to visually stimulate you.

As was expected, most you choose to get your hands on the books you want as quickly as possible. The next most popular choice was that many of you don't pay attention to release dates and shop when the mood strikes. (Possibly, after reading a spectacular review.) What did surprise me though was that only 5% or (1 out of 18 people) borrow or buy books used. I thought that number seemed surprisingly low.

I utilize my library very heavily. They know me by name, seeing how I am usually there at least once a week, sometimes twice. Especially, in this day as unemployment soars and the economy worsens, I would think more people would take advantage of this service. But on a happy note, publishers would love nothing more than to hear that readers are still willing to spend their hard earned money on books.

As far as paying attention to release dates and making sure to buy on or after, just under a quarter of you try to hold off. I noticed that Kresley Cole's latest release Kiss of a Demon King did make #1 on the New York Times best seller list this week. Regardless of whether or not people bought the book early, she still made it to the top. As a romance reader and fan of the series, I was very happy to see that. Congratulations to Ms. Cole and her continued success!

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