Monday, February 16, 2009

Best of 2008 (IMHO)

After carefully deliberating, hemming and hawing, I have come up with what I consider the best reads of 2008. It seems I was not able to narrow it down to only one book per category. I just couldn't do it. 2008 was a really good year for publishing. I read some super awesome books and I want to make sure they all get the credit they deserve. I have broken down the best by a few categories, namely genre, to help organize these ratings.

Best Historical Romance
The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne
My Lord and Spymaster - Joanna Bourne
Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas
Honorable Mention
Secrets of Surrender - Madeline Hunter
The Price of Desire - Jo Goodman

Best Paranormal Romance
Dark Desires After Dusk - Kresley Cole
Demon Night - Meljean Brook
The Last Twilight - Marjorie M. Liu
Honorable Mention
Fallen - Claire Delacroix
Nightkeepers - Jessica Andersen

Best Contemporary Romance
Blue-Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas
SEALed with a Kiss - Mary Margret Daughtridge
Honorable Mention
Romeo, Romeo - Robin Kaye
Tall Tales and Wedding Veils - Jane Graves

Best Romantic Suspense
Into the Fire - Suzanne Brockmann
Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare
Honorable Mention
Nameless - Debra Webb

Best Erotic Romance
Tempted - Megan Hart
The Mark of the Vampire Queen - Joey W. Hill

Best Urban Fantasy
Personal Demon - Kelley Armstrong
FaeFever - Karen Marie Moning
Honorable Mention
Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

Best Debut Author
Joanna Bourne

And there you have it. What I thought was the best, most entertaining reads for 2008. I also just want to mention that AAR's annual reader poll closes tomorrow. This is your last chance to vote for your favorite reads from last year. The poll is open to anyone who wants to participate. I voted and you should too!


Barbara said...

I just finished Unlawful Contact and loved it! I'm amazed that she is able to change her writing voice from historical to contemporary without losing a beat.

Great list, I've read quite a few of them.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Your books are close to mine with Historical, Paranormal and Contemporary :D

Jill D. said...

Barbara, I have heard good things about Clare's historical romances from other bloggers - Kristie J especially. I haven't yet read any, but one of these days I will.

Katie, Great minds think alike :)

Barbara said...

They are different from her contemporaries. In my opinion it's almost as if it's a different author. But her historicals are wonderful as well, I'm sure you'd enjoy them. And yes, Kristie is the one who turned me toward Clare's stories. She's great at recommending good authors.

KarLyn said...

I am going to have to read The Spymaster's Lady! I bought it when it came out but it still sits in my TBR pile.

I second many of your choices!! I'd add Julie Ann Long's 'The Peril of Pleasure' to the historical, 'Acheron' to the paranormals, and 'Letters to a Secret Lover' to contemporary. I love these kind of lists.

Jill D. said...

Hey KarLyn, I haven't read the books you suggested although, I do have Acheron in the stack. I kind of lost interest in Kenyon's series, but I do plan on getting back to it. So you really enjoyed it?