Friday, February 27, 2009

Review - Three To Get Deadly

Title: Three To Get Deadly
Author: Janet Evanovich
Publishing Date: 1997
Genre: Mystery
Rating: B
Sensuality: Kisses

Three to Get Deadly is the third book in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter series. Stephanie is to bring in Uncle Mo, who skipped out on his court hearing after he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. In New Jersey, there is an unwritten law that some rules are meant to be broken. Most citizens think that carrying a concealed weapon is a stupid law and are outraged about the fact that their "Saintly" Uncle Mo was even arrested. Mo has been around since the late 1950s when he opened up his ice cream/candy shop. When Stephanie goes to apprehend Mo she discovers that he is missing. Things aren't adding up and she is on the case.

Three to Get Deadly is basically more of the same from books one and two of the series. The same quirky characters are present and Stephanie still has a nose for trouble. Lulu, the former prostitute from book one is now a bounty hunter in training and tags along with Stephanie for this case. Lula adds a lot of silliness to the story but it's a little over the top for me.

So far, it's the third book in the series and things are progressing very slowly between Stephanie and Joe. I am waiting for their relationship to move forward. The mystery is more main course of the book and the romance just a side dish. I, however wish it was the other way around. I am hanging in there though, because I enjoy the storytelling. It is very entertaining and fun.

One quibble though, how is it humanly possible for Stephanie, who only weighs 125 pounds, to eat the amount of food she does and weigh that little? In one scene, she orders a double cheeseburger, fries and and a chocolate milkshake, only to eat a couple of cream filled donuts a couple of hours later. At this rate Stephanie should be weighing in at 230 pounds. What kind of world is she living in and why can't I exist in it too!


Carolyn Jean said...

I love this series, so why aren't I any further than book 3 myself? But I agree, it's fun. And yeah, why isn't she fat??

I understand that in book #4, which is in my TBR pile, that the relationship progresses quite a bit more.

Jill D. said...

CJ, I am glad I am not the only one wondering about Stephanie's weight issues :) Only in a perfect world, right?

I was wondering when the relationship was going to pick up. I am glad to hear it's in the next book. Someone else on Shelfari told me the same thing. I have book 4 checked out from the library, so hopefully I will get to it soon.

nath said...

LOL, I bet it's high metabolism :)

Book 4 is good, that was the first one I read and fell in love :D and finally, Joe and Stephanie's relationship gets somewhere... not for long though :(

Seneca said...

LOL, I'm like Steph. I weight 102 lbs, and I eat like a pig. It runs in the family, we are all skinny.

Jill D. said...

Nath, I can't wait for four, so things can start moving! I have it sitting on my shelf.

Seneca, You lucky dog, you!! I wish I had those kind of genetics. Alas, I am not so fortunate. If I as so much as look at a plate of doughnuts, I gain weight. Damn!