Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Ten Reads for 2010

Finally, the post in which I choose the best books I read that were published in 2010. First though, before I get to the list I want to tell you a little about my stats.

Total books read with 2010 pub date: 67
Romantic Suspense: 5
Urban Fantasy: 5
Historical: Regency 20, Western 1, Medieval 3
Contemporary: 13
Paranormal: 17
Thriller: 1
Erotic: 2

I am really proud of the fact that half of the books I read last year were published in 2010. That was a goal I wanted to obtain and I managed it! I am surprised that the number of paranormal romances was so high. I would have thought that number would have been lower with me reading more urban fantasy. Paranormal is the one genre that has been on the outs with me, but these numbers don't reflect that at all. I am not at all surprised about historical being so high. I have been on a historical romance kick and it doesn't look like that will be letting up any time soon.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Romance Rookie's 2010 Top Ten Reads

How about you?  What were your favorite books from this year?  I have been watching the internet to see what others are putting as their favorites and if I didn't read the book then I am going to add it to my list.  Are their any books that you didn't see me review that you enjoyed in particular?


nath said...

Pretty nice and varied list, Jill :)here are only three books I haven't read :) However, those that I have read, I have enjoyed. Although not sure there'd make my top list this year... :P

Tracy said...

You've got some great books on that list!

I'd like to read the Balogh & the James.

Leslie said...

Love Balogh & Briggs. Your list is a good reflection of the variety of your reading this past year.

I must to read Eloisa James! I have a bunch of hers on the tbr pile, just need some time. And I still need to do my best of list. :)

Penelope said...

Good list, Jill! I read all the Hathaway books this year...some in the hospital after I had my heart attack. They were a great source of distraction when I needed it!

I tried to read that Eloisa James book and I couldn't finish. Maybe I'll try it again.

Happy New Year!

Amy said...

I read the Balogh and the entire Mercy Thompson series last year, and yeah, I think they all belong on my Best of '10 list as well.

For some reason, I just couldn't get through Maybe This Time, but it might just have been my mood. I'll try it again soon.

Jill D. said...

Hi Nath! That's cool that we read so many of the same books. Have you posted your top reads of 2010 yet. Sorry, I have been out of the loop. Curious as to which books you liked the best. If I haven't read them, I will add them to my list :)

Tracy - I was really impressed with the Balogh. It was so short and sweet. When you get to it you could have it read in a day easy.

Leslie - Yes! I want to see your best of list. I am sure you will have some on there I haven't read and I will want to add them to my list. Eloisa James isn't for everybody, but I really enjoy her books. I just discovered her this year and what a find!

Penelope - I trust that you are doing well after your heartattack! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Those Hathaways are a charming bunch! I think Eloisa James is a fantastic author, but her writing style isn't going to be for everybody. I think her sense of humor is one of those that people will either "get" or not.

nath said...

Sigh, nope, not yet, Jill ^_^;

Penelope - A lot of people love Eloisa James, but I find that her writing style needs some getting used to. Her books are really hit and miss for me.

Christine said...

I love reading everyone's reading stats! :)
Does this mean you read more than 120 books last year? That's great!

I read and enjoyed the Balogh and Briggs. I have Magic Bleeds on the TBR.. and would love to read His At Night.

Hope 2011 is a great reading year for you, Jill! :D

Jill D. said...

Hey Christine - Yep, I managed to read 135 books. That was less than last year, but I am still happy with that number especially since I changed jobs. I like reading everyone's stats too!